It all started with Aunt Judy

You know that moment people talk about?

Okay, maybe that’s a little too vague of a question, because honestly there are about a million answers to that questions.  Parents talk about their child’s first day of school.  NASCAR drivers talk about their first day behind the wheel.  World renowned photographers talk about the first picture they ever took.

But the moment I’m talking about, is the moment you know what you want to do for the rest of your life.

That moment came for me when I was eleven years old and met my first celebrity.  She was Holly Fulger, the woman who played Aunt Judy in ‘Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century’ and I was starstruck.  It was every kid’s dream, meeting an actress from a movie that they watched a countless number of times as a child.

And I couldn’t get enough of talking with this woman, finding out everything about her.  Why she went into acting.  What it was like working on a movie set every day.  Meeting fans who really looked up to her as a role model.

It was in that day that I just knew.

I knew that I wanted to continue to meet these people.  That I wanted to talk with them, get to know them as people and learn their life stories.  The more I look back on it, poor Holly Fulger probably thought I was a crazy kid that didn’t understand the concept of personal space.

I never actually wanted to be the actors, or Holly Fulger.  I just wanted to get to know them outside of their roles in movies.  I wanted to see them as real people, and not something would never be real outside of television screen.

And as I got older, this desire to meet actors didn’t fade.  In fact, it grew to expand past the realm of just actors.  Over the years, I suddenly found myself wanting to meet writers, producers, directors.  Pretty much anyone who had ever had anything to do with creating the world of entertainment.  Television shows started to fascinate me, and then books and plays.  I had gradually fallen in love with the entertainment world.
I didn’t understand that this love could actually be useful into my freshman year of college.  I applied for E.W. Scripps School of Journalism knowing that I was a decent writer, but I had never written for a school newspaper or anything similar to a publication.  (My school had neither the funds, nor the ambitions, for such a project.)  I had won a few minor awards for my writing and really had no desire to go into any other field, so I chose journalism as my life’s career path totally expecting to write about war and politics and all the other topics that never really interested me in my life.

But when I learned about the different sequences I could explore and discovered magazine journalism, I suddenly had a vision of myself holding the Entertainment Weekly’s I loved (and still love) to read, and I knew that I didn’t have to write about things that I felt would never really suit me.  I could write about what I was passionate about.

Since that moment, I have been setting my sites on a position in the entertainment field, idolizing journalists like Sandra Gonzalez and Kristin Dos Santos.  It’s a career goal that I can actually see myself enjoying, and doing really well at.

But until then, I’ll keep hoping that my dream isn’t too far away.


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