Lady Gaga’s New Video Doesn’t Stand on the “Edge of Glory”

I will be the first to admit that I do not understand Lady Gaga. Sure, I like her music. It is fun and energetic and easy to tap your feet along with, but that is about all I get. Throw something at me like the infamous meat dress or the giant egg, and I am completely lost in the ways of Gaga-land.

But like any young, entertainment-influenced American, I have to watch every music video that the popular (albeit zanny) artist produces. So I logged onto Youtube first thing this morning to watch her newest release, “Edge of Glory,” eagerly anticipating the latest spectacle of Gaga madness.

But after five minutes and twenty-eight seconds, I was disappointed. It was not that the video was bad, by any means. It was more that the video was plain, standard, and not memorable at all. With alleyways and fire escapes straight out of a Pat Benatar video, the only thing that resembled the normal Gaga was the Lady herself. After spoiling us with videos like “Born This Way,”  “Alejandro,” and the ever controversial “Judas” this newest installment was a let down in comparison.

The most confusing aspect of the video however, was the lack of Clarence Clemons, who recently suffered a stroke. The famous sax player was hardly shown during the video, even during his solo.

What did you think? Was “Edge of Glory” as disappointing for you as it was for me, or did you think the video provided a nice change to the normal Lady Gaga ways?


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