Entertainment Runs In The Family: A Father and Daughter Television Experience

I have always been a Daddy’s girl. But growing up the way I did, it was pretty obvious that I was always going to be my dad’s partner in crime. He has taught me about cars, tools, machinery; pretty much anything that a normal, non-tomboy girl would know about. I have even grown to love shooting, and inevitably hunting, just like my father and his father before him.

So because of this close relationship that my dad and I share, we have one ritual that we always follow through on.

Our TV shows.

And in honor of Father’s Day, I figured I would share with you all a few of our favorites, and why they became staples in the Storrow household.


This show was the beginning of our beautiful TV relationship. We began watching the show together when it first aired back in 2005. I was mainly watching for the incredibly talented (and gorgeous) David Boreanaz, who I fell in love with the moment his face appeared in the pilot episode of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’.

My dad, on the other hand, really just sat down in the living room and was forced to watched the hour-long pilot episode because I refused to give up the remote.

But it only took that single hour for both of us to fall in love with the comedic group of actors and actresses in the hit FOX series. And after six seasons, one hundred and twenty-six episodes, and one hundred and eighty-nine miles between my hometown and Ohio University, my dad and I still sit down every Thursday night and watch the new episode; our phones at the ready so we can text one another when something particularly exciting or juicy (bodily fluids included) happens.


Yes, my father is a Gleek.

Normally, he would be too proud to admit that he is an avid fan of the FOX smash hit, but trust me when I say that the man can honestly say he has never missed an episode, even if he still has not managed to figure out all of the characters names.

Our mutual appreciation for this show did not spawn out of laziness and loyalty to an actor this time around. In fact, it was actually Dad who suggested we watch the pilot episode when it premiered in the spring of 2009. This time, I was the skeptic who was not so sure that a show about singing high school kids was for me. (High School Musical does not count, since I was swayed by Zac Efron.) But after two seasons, we can both find humor in characters like Sue Sylvester and Brittany. And “Glee” really does provide an outlet of just plain fun after a particularly long or stressful day of school or work, which both my father and I can appreciate.


My dad and I are huge fans of what other people might call junk. But he and I call things like old bottles and antique pool tables and tin signs to be the exact opposite of junk. We think of them as treasures.

So when we stumbled across “American Pickers” it was like the Heavens opened up and God tossed down something that was akin to a television gold mine for us. Pickers was everything we could ever hope for and more in a TV series, mainly because it was a set of guys who loved old things as much as we do.

Not only that, but Pickers also helped us realize that a lot of the silly little items we had grabbed from old country dump sites and along our railroad tracks were not so silly after all. We had actually picked up a few things of actual worth, like an old, blue poison bottle from the late 1800s. It was things like this that we could appreciate about what the History Channel was delivering to its viewers.


This is our newest (and most interesting) television program that we regularly watch together. Its another great series created by the History Channel, and revolves around several people living in the swamps of Louisiana.

Oh, and I suppose I should mention that they make their living through alligator hunting.

Watching this hour-long program is like traveling into an entirely different culture, not that I find anything wrong with that. (In fact, it is because of this show that I am determined to try alligator meat this summer.) These peoples lifestyles are so fascinating and entertaining that you really find yourself rooting for them, and cheering them on during a hunt.

And the show fits in perfectly for my father and I, because shooting at targets and hunting game are some of our favorite pastimes as father and daughter. And a lot of the hunting teams on the show are comprised of fathers and sons or general family members. It is kind of like bonding while watching other families bond, if that makes any sense at all.


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