Concert Recap: Billy Currington at the Lorain County Fair

Billy Currington performing onstage

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. I love country music.

And I am fortunate enough to have the Lorain County Fair, the second-largest fair in Ohio and a great venue for country music artists, right in my back yard.

Billy Currington, beer-appreciating country boy turned star, was the latest performer to grace fair goers with his presence on August 23, playing for a near sell out crowd. And boy, did Currington play.

The show, lasting a little less than two hours, was full of high energy guitar playing, chest pounding drum beats, and Currington’s deep, southern tone. Which, by the way, left many women (young and old) swooning in delight.

The show kicked off with fan favorites such as “That’s How Country Boys Roll” and “Love Done Gone,” getting fans up on their feet, clapping and dancing to the steady beats.

And fan participation didn’t end there. Currington spent moments while singing to pose for waiting cameras, smile and wave at adoring fans, and provide little snippets of traditional crowd-only singing. It was the time-honored and well-loved traditional concert.

One thing that I did find slightly different from other concerts I have attended in the past was Currington’s lack of breaks between songs. There were only a few moments where the performer stopped playing to talk a little with his audience, instead choosing to play constantly throughout the show.

However, one of the moments he did stop was to tell a short story about is dog, Paco, before singing his song “Like My Dog,” after which Paco himself made an appearance on stage. The moment was very “aww” worthy

Photos courtesy of...well, me. (That's why they're not so great.)

Other songs played include Currington’s many hits, including “Let Me Down Easy,” “Swimmin’ in Sunshine” and “Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right” before he left the stage.

Not that he was gone for long, because amid thunderous cheers from the audience, Currington returned for a longer-than-average encore. Here, he played “People Are Crazy,” a cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” and closed the night with “Good Directions.”

After finishing, Currington remained on the stage for a few moments signing autographs, shaking hands and even taking a picture of a girl and her friends with her camera. And from the looks of the crowd, it didn’t appear that anyone left unhappy or dissatisfied.

Maybe because Currington makes his point perfectly clear through one line of song: “God is great, beer is good…and people are crazy.”


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  1. Holly, that was a great review. Billy is a crowd pleaser every single time he steps on a stage. I have seen him live almost 20 times since 2008, and he just keeps getting better and better. He is interacting more with the crowd and really seems to be enjoying himself. I am looking forward to next year when he headlines his own tour!

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