How not to have a baby

At this point, we all know that Hollywood’s “It” couple Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed a baby girl into the world Saturday night. It’s something to celebrate, and I wish them all of my congratulations and good wishes.

But what I don’t congratulate or understand is the overuse of wealth and extravagance that was put into place for the birth.

According to a New York Daily News article published Sunday, Beyonce and Jay-Z shelled out $1.3 million dollars to seal off a wing of the Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. Other reports state that staffers were required to hand over cell phones and to tape off the lenses of security cameras for that floor.

As if blocking off a hospital wing wasn’t bad enough, one father who had twins staying in the sixth-floor Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit said that he was repeatedly stopped from visiting his new children.

“Three times they stopped me from entering or exiting the NICU and it happened once on Friday — just because they wanted to use the hallway,” Neil Coulun, the father, told the New York Daily News.

Now, I can understand a celebrity renting out a restaurant or store for the afternoon. There isn’t a life threatening situation (that I’ve ever heard of) that involves a Bloomingdale’s. But so many things could go wrong if a hospital wing is closed off and the staff members are preoccupied with a single patient who could afford extravagant behavior.

But in my humble opinion, there should be a limit to a celebrity’s use of money to gain privacy. Especially if it could affect the “average joe” (who can’t afford all of life’s luxaries) in a harmful way. There are other ways to give birth without the risk of paparazzi snapping a few quick picks.

A celebrity gives birth just like every other woman. So why not act like every other woman too?

I would love to hear other reactions to Blue Ivy Carter’s expensive birth. Are you like me in thinking Beyonce and Jay-Z took things a little too far? Or do you think because she’s a celebrity, Beyonce has earned a right for as much privacy as she wants? Leave me a message in the comments below.



  1. The arrogance and self-importance is what I find most disgusting. It says the hallway was closed three times because Beyonce and Jay-Z were “using it”. That father of twins in the NICU just wanted to use the hallway too. He was NOT going to care about who else was using the hallway at the time. He had more on his mind than and better things to do than bother the celebrities. Them believing that someone on his way to the NICU would care about them is ridiculous.

  2. Stuff like this really pisses me off for the simple fact that people use their money to brush off the average joes who made them who they are today… denying a father the moments to be with his children because beyonce and jay-z wants privacy is ridiculous you want privacy have a home birth! And another annoying thing with celebrities that annoys me is these baby names…apple, pilot, now blue serious do celebrities not realize their children have to deal with these names for the rest of their life, and granted they may never have to work a day in their life having names like this would never be takin seriously in the real world. I guess thats why they give the names they give because they wont have to suffer the reality in the real world…smh

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