My roommate, Swamp People addict

My roommate, Rachel, is about as city as you can get. She loves shopping, hates dirt and can’t imagine living anywhere that doesn’t have a layer of smog covering its glass skyscrapers. Basically, she’ll never be considered a country girl.

So imagine my complete surprise when I not only talked her into watching an episode of the History Channel’s Swamp People, but she actually enjoyed it. Before I knew it she was yelling “Shoot it!” right along with Troy Landry and screaming every time an alligator came remotely close to a hunter’s hand or gun.

Now, we’ve taken to watching the newest episodes as they air on the History Channel. Her favorite hunter is still Troy, who she wishes could be her “almost-grandfather,” but I argue that she still hasn’t encountered the Guist brothers who are arguably my favorite. Rachel’s also a huge fan of Liz, but even she had to admit that in tonight’s episode, Liz and her new partner went a little crazy when they dived into the water with an alligator who may or may not have still been alive.

Either way, she’s dead-set on the two of us driving down to the Louisiana bayou and trying our hands at gator hunting. I think she’s crazy. I can’t swim, she’s got the strength of a newborn puppy and there’s no way I’m letting her shoot a gun when my hands and arms are within close range. And she’s even said herself, if an alligator ever climbed in our boat (which looks like a possibility for two new hunters in an upcoming episode), she’d jump into the water to get away from it. The alligator infested waters. Wouldn’t she just make a real wild woman?

I think that I’ll just let her live her Cajun wild side out within the safety of Lincoln 205, where she won’t lose a limb. And I won’t risk potentially drowning or getting eaten. Because neither of us have what it takes to make it on the bayou.

But we sure can watch the professionals.


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