Game of Thrones season two should be a “bloody” good time.

Words cannot describe how pumped I am for this newest season of Game of Thrones. At first, I was only excited because I simply watched the first season on HBO. I hadn’t read the books, I had no prior knowledge of the characters and I certainly wasn’t ready for the cliffhanger that I and the rest of the viewers were left with.

But then I received the first four novels written by George R.R. Martin for Christmas, and now I’m even more wired for the show’s return on April 1. Since I’m about 200 pages into A Clash of Kings, a few of the scenes from the trailer are familiar to me. But none of that stops me from being totally pumped for the season two premiere. In fact, it’s just making more rabid for a visual representation of Martin’s genius.

Does the trailer make anyone else absolutely desperate for April 1? And what do you think about reading the books ahead of the television series? Let me know in the comments below.


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