Where’s my ‘Sweet Home Alabama?’

You know you're smiling right now.

“So I can kiss you anytime I want.”

There it is. The final swing. I’m officially KO’d.

This happens every  time Melanie and Jake reunite on that beach. I watch with bated  breath as our leading lady runs across the sand in a ruined wedding dress towards our flannel and denim wrapped hero, the whole time wondering  if this will finally be    the moment.

I’ve seen this movie a hundred times. I can recite lines word-for-word. I can sing along with the songs, laugh before every comedic moment and even tell you what outfit Reese Witherspoon’s character is going to be wearing when. So naturally, I know how Sweet Home Alabama ends. So why do I continually have this reaction after every viewing?

Because every girl wants this sort of happy ending.

We want the grand kiss in the rain. And if we’re receiving it from a man like Josh Lucas, well that’s all the better.  We want to believe that happy endings like Mel and Jake get really can happen. We want to believe that our “one true love” is out there somewhere, turning lightning strikes into something beautiful.

We want to believe that someone is trying to conquer the world for us.

So that’s why I take a shot to the heart every time I watch the end of Sweet Home Alabama. Because I’m just like every other girl out there, who dreams of one day finding my own Jake. So I’ve only got one last thing to ask.

Where’s my Sweet Home Alabama?



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