On missing chances…

We miss chances every day.

Most of the time we don’t realize it. It’s like…you make a choice to where the red tie to work, right? But what would have happened if you’d have chosen to wear the blue? Maybe the coffee girl who serves you your decaf every morning would have complimented that the color brought out your eyes. And then, just maybe, you might suddenly notice how pretty her own irises are.

But then it could also be something major, like giving up on something you really love because people tell you your not good enough. Or that it’s not cool, or worthy, or some other lame excuse that’s really stupid in the long run but you listen anyway.

I know that I’ve missed more chances than I could ever name. Some times I don’t realize I’ve missed them until later. But other times…other times I know I’m going to watch a chance go right by. Mainly because I’m scared, or skeptical, or I think I’m better off without it (even though I totally know I’m not.)

So, don’t miss chances if you can help it. At least not the big, life-changing ones that could really bring a whole lot of happiness into your life. Don’t let self-conscious thoughts or that little voice inside your head tell you that you don’t deserve the chance that is being presented to you.

Because you totally do.

We all deserve to be happy.


One comment

  1. I love this post and I’ve missed some chances myself by listening to someone I shouldn’t listen to and not following my heart. It’s easy to let people in your head but, like you said, we all deserve to be happy and pursue what we want to do in life.

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