Taylor Swift breaks her norm with new song.

People either love or hate Taylor Swift.

Personally, I lean more towards the love side. Sure they can be a bit whiny and melodramatic at times, but they get stuck in my head and make me sing along all the same. Not to mention that her song “Picture to Burn” totally channeled the anger I felt during my first high school break up.

Either way, a certain sound has come to be expected from Swift. But the newly released single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” (kind of a mouthful, I know) has only one thing in common with her albums of old: the ex-boyfriend.

With a pop-beat completely lacking the country twang the young singer is known for, Swift sounds more like Kelly Clarkson or (as both Zap2It and Entertainment Weekly have pointed out) Avril Lavigne. And the new sound has both avid fans and diehard haters talking. Some enjoy the new sound, others wish it would go off the air already. And there are many somewhere in the middle.

Personally, I like the song. It’s definitely not one of my favorites, but it’s catchy, easy to sing along with in the car and short enough to not feel like it lasts forever. It’s one of those songs you can perform in front of your mirror with a hairbrush microphone while no one is home. Basically, I just think it’s a fun song to not take too seriously.

But I’m interested in hearing what you all have to say? Is “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” sing or sigh worthy?


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