Brian Buckley Band: “I Am Human”

Today, I selfishly clicked on a music video only because the beautiful couple known as Jared and Genevieve Padalecki were in it.

But as much as I adore the Supernatural stars, they weren’t what captured my interest (even though both actors were great in the roles they played.) . It was the song itself, “I Am Human,” performed by the Brian Buckley Band. Buckley’s unique voice mixed with the powerful lyrics and entrancing beat made the song real and raw in a way that music lacks lately. I caught myself watching the video twice because I zoned out on the actual storyline halfway through.

I encourage everyone, Supernatural fan or not, to give this song a listen. Let the lyrics sink in and mean something to you. Focus on what the BBB is trying to get across. And then please share with me your thoughts in the comments below.

Visit the Brian Buckley Band’s website at



  1. I just created my own post about this song and I have to say I love it!!! The first time I heard it I cried and it reminds me of how very human we are and how whenever we try to do something we might fail but we are human.

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