I love you, Louden Swain.

When I listen to music, it’s normally country, rock ‘n’ roll or a 90s boy band that comes blasting out of my speakers. But over the last couple of years thanks to college friends and my own procrastination techniques I have stumbled across some different bands that I normally wouldn’t listen to.

One of these bands happens to be Louden Swain, a Los Angeles-based inde group. I love the sound that they make, not quite alternative but still something with a good beat that I can crank up in my car and sing along with. Plus, the lyrics are quirky and sometimes silly but still manage to hold a meaning to them that I just have to dig a little bit for.

How did I stumble upon Louden Swain? The band’s lead singer is none other than Rob Benedict (Chuck from the CW’s Supernatural, among other things). So once again, I have found greatness through an obsession. But never mind that, because I encourage you to check out some more of the band’s music at www.loudenswain.com or check them out on YouTube.


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