Jensen Ackles woos with “Angeles.”

As if the Supernatural star Jensen Ackles wasn’t perfect enough already, he had to go ahead and record a song, titled “Angeles,” on Steve Carlson’s new album Sharing the Covers.  And what’s even worse? He’s really, really good. (Not that I’m complaining!) His raspy tone adds a new level to the song, already made famous by Elliot Smith, that really brings new life into the words.

I know, I know. I’m way behind on getting this post out. I’ve had a busy couple of weeks, so sue me. But believe me when I say that I was one of the first on Sept. 18 to have this video up and running before my morning Latin class.

As a side note, I highly suggest buying Carlson’s album. Every song is a cover (hence the title), but a lot of them are reworked in a way that sounds completely different from the original songs. It’s totally worth the $8 on Amazon.


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