In case there are any girls gamers out there, this guy could use your help. 🙂

I just wrote a blog

Yes, you read it right, we are looking for some female gamer‘s, well mostly for data.  Gamer’s are still predominantly male, but as of late, the number of female gamer’s has risen.  I want to know what y’all are playing, and how much do you play, etc.  Below will be  a quick set of questions we’d like to know.  Nothing personal of course,  just mostly gamer related.  This data will be used for a future article we are working on.

Also, please re-blog this.  The more data we collect, the better.

We’d like to know only a few things:

  • Amount of gaming per week 
  • Age group
  • Systems owned
  • Genre mostly played
  • Student or Working Professional

Cell phone gaming DOES NOT count.

Please send all answers to justwroteablog at Gmail dot com.  And lastly, if you are from another blog, please let me know what blog you’re from and what…

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