New Year, New Site, New Words

So, it’s obvious that I haven’t been writing on this blog lately (and by lately I mean just over 10 months.) Shame on me. But, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing. Along with the work I do over at The Daily Quirk, I’ve been working on a side project. It’s a new site dedicated to book reviews, book thoughts, and just a lot of wordy goodness. And you can find it a Book Twister Reviews!

Why Book Twister Reviews? Mainly because every other halfway creative title I could come up with was already taken. And why now? Because I’ve forgotten why I love writing. Because I’ve become just another statistic of a college grad who can’t find a job in their field, I’m still living in my parents house, and I wake up every morning trying to figure out where I go from here. Because I wanted to start something that I do solely for fun, not because I feel like it’s something I have to do.

So basically, you’re not going to find New York Times quality reviews and chances are you’re not going to even find half the books I write about remotely interesting, because they’re mostly going to be “silly” young adult novels about monsters and dystopian worlds and teen angst. But I’d appreciate if you checked it out every once in a while, maybe tell me what you like and don’t live, or give me ideas about what you’d like to see. Because I want this site to work out on a personal level.

I’d appreciate starting a conversation, because that’s what I believed writing could do at one point, and I’d like to prove that the thought could still hold true.


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